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PolVax Pty Ltd is a veterinary technology company based in Queensland, Australia, established to bring advanced implantable-vaccine delivery devices to the animal health sector, in particular livestock markets. Where PolVax stands apart is the expertise of our founders and directors in implantable devices, drug delivery systems, materials, immunology and ecology. We recognise that much of the technology and know-how gained from researching devices aimed at humans can be applied to value-adding in the cattle and sheep markets in Australia and around the world.

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Our Technology

The livestock industry is a $22 billion per year industry in Australia with vaccination representing an essential component in reducing morbidity, increasing fertility and maintaining productivity. Vaccinating cattle and sheep on remote stations, however, is logistically challenging and costly especially if multiple administrations are required over a period of months. Our technology aims to allow for single administration of vaccines using an implantable polymer technology. This will improve compliance and efficacy  of vaccinations while reducing labour costs. Our technology is compatible with a range of industry-accepted and proven vaccines and is currently in large animal trials.


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